At Tsukei, we strive to bring you only the highest quality designs, materials and products at the best prices. We know you’ll love your purchase but if something isn’t right, please contact us at and we’ll fix it right away.


We pride ourselves in our unique designs, however we do use third-party vendors to print and ship these products. While Tsukei does not take part in the printing or shipping process, we promise that these vendors only use the best materials, ship quickly, and offer exceptional support.



The majority of our products can be found on Redbubble by following this link. Redbubble offers a wide varirty of products which include, but is not limited to: stickers, phone cases, shirts, notebooks, pencil cases and more!


On our Amazon page, you’ll find both t-shirts and pop-sockets. While Amazon may offer many of the same products that Redbubble does, Amazon Prime subscribers will be able to receive their order within two days of placing it (on average). Please note that our Amazon products are only available within the United States.


Here you’ll find a list of our frequently asked questions. If, after reading this section, you still have unanswered question; please don’t hesitate to email us at

1.1 If you have any ideas, questions, comments or concerns regarding our products, please send us an email!
1.2 If you come across an error with your order, please first contact the retailer that you purchased it from (Amazon or Redbubble) since they are the ones printing and shipping the product.
1.3 If you find our designs being used by a different party, please send us an email with the link + a screenshot attached.
2.1 If you experience any problems with your order, please first contact the retailer you purchased the product from before contacting us. Please contact us as well so that we may look into it, but keep in mind that the retailer will be the one making the final decision.
2.2 Tsukei is not liable for any product defects.
2.3 Tsukei is not liable for shipping damages. Please contact the shipping company or retailer that you purchased from for assistance.