The Rules for our community are broken up into 7 different sections. You are expected to read all of them.

You are responsible for understanding Tsukei’s rules. Not knowing the rules will never be accepted as an excuse for breaking them.

1.1 Treat other members and yourself with respect. Discrimination, hate speech, racial slurs, harassment, toxicity, starting fights, and trolling will not be tolerated.
1.2 Do not attempt to exploit or abuse any of Tsukei’s services or rules.
1.3 All aspects of the Discord TOS and Community Guidelines apply here.
1.3.2 Community Guidelines:
1.6 Do not attempt to exploit or abuse any of Tsukei’s services or rules.
2.1 Both participating in and/or promoting raiding is not allowed. Anyone who participates in raids will be banned.
2.1.1 If you are caught DM advertising Tsukei or raiding under the name of Tsukei, you will receive a non-appealable ban.
2.2 Scamming and phishing through Tsukei is strictly prohibited.
2.3 Spamming (text, bots, pictures, emojis, etc.) is not allowed. This also includes flooding, line posting, mass pinging, and long messages.
2.4 All banners and Akiara are the intellectual property of Tsukei’s Owner, Ivan. If you are found using Tsukei’s banners or Akiara outside of Tsukei, we can and will file a DMCA takedown against you, which can not only result in the deletion of your community but also the banning of your account.
3.1 Discussion of any controversial topics (religion, politics, etc) is not allowed.
3.2 Solve drama and issues privately. Do not try to provoke/bait drama, arguments, or bring outside drama into the chat. Excessive discussions about self-harm, depression, etc. are not allowed.
3.3 Do not post images/personal information of other members without their consent.
3.4 No NSFW or disturbing content in any form (includes porn, gore, nudity, β€œcursed images”, etc). No discussion of any topics that may be considered NSFW.
3.5 Spoilers may ONLY be discussed in #πŸ™ˆβ•spoilers. Discussing spoilers in any other channel is not allowed.
3.6 Converse mostly in ENGLISH. Other languages may be used exclusively in #πŸ²β•ramenˍroom.
3.7 Role playing should be kept to a minimum. If it is considered disruptive, you will be asked to stop.
3.8 Do not advertise your server, product, or services. This includes but is not limited to: images, image links, emotes, and user pings. This extends to DMing server members.
3.9 Each channel has its own specific topic. Please keep your conversations relevant to the channel’s topic. Check pinned messages for rules specific to that channel.
4.1 All rules apply to Voice Channels.
4.2 Do not ear-rape in the voice channels. Keep your voice at a reasonable level.
4.3 Music played through any music bot must be SFW.
4.4 Disrupting conversations in Voice Channels is not allowed.
4.5 Discussions related to VCs should remain in #voicechat to avoid disrupting other channels’ conversations.
5.1 Discriminating against staff members, acting on behalf of staff members, attempting to moderate the chat, and/or making decisions on behalf of the community will not be tolerated. Contact a staff member instead.
5.2 No pinging staff members or the moderator roles without a valid reason!
5.3 Respect the decisions made by all staff. When you are asked to stop, you are expected to listen and not argue about it publicly. DM instead.
5.4 Do not beg for a staff position. If you wish to apply for staff, keep an eye out on #❗╏announcements for information regarding applications.
5.5 Any and all complaints regarding staff or decisions made by staff should be directed to Admins.
6.1 You are only allowed to have one account in the server.
6.1.1 If you have multiple accounts in the server, all accounts will be banned. You will also be banned from all of Tsukei’s services.
6.2 Once you are banned, you are not welcome back into the community until you fill out a ban appeal and have it accepted.
6.3 Usernames and PFPs must abide by all rules. This means nothing NSFW, racist, disturbing, political, or otherwise controversial will be tolerated. If you don’t change after a staff member has requested it, you will be removed from the community.
7.1 Only one “large price” item (Nitro Classic, Large Game) can be redeemed per person per month.
7.2 Only three “small price” items (Small Game, Rent A Gatcha) can be redeemed per person per month.
7.3 If you are caught using alts, you will lose the total balance of your Neki and be banned from the shop.

Punishment Policy

Failure to abide by the above rules will result in four possible punishments, with a strike being added towards each member responsible for the rule-breaking action. The appropriate punishment will be issued accordingly based on the rule that was broken, the severity of the offense, and the number of strikes the rule-breaking member has accumulated.

  1. Warning + (optional demotion).
  2. Mute + Demotion from current rank within Tsukei.
  3. Temporary 24 hour ban from the Tsukei community.
  4. Permanent ban from all of Tsukei’s services.

Appeals Process

If you would like to appeal a warn or a ban from the Tsukei server, please fill out this form.

Please note that appeals may take up to one week (or longer) to process.


I have 4 warns and have been banned. Can I appeal a warn?
No. The warn appeal form only applies to members who have not been banned.

If you have been banned, please use the ban appeal form.

Can I appeal all my warns in one day?
No, you may only appeal a warn once every two weeks.

If you attempt to send in multiple appeals before the waiting period is over, the appeals will be ignored.

Is any warn appealable?
Minor misdemeanors such as line posting, spam or not conversing in English are examples of what may be appealed.

Warns relating to NSFW, scamming, impersonations, or hate speech are not appealable.

I was warned unfairly.
If you believe you were unfairly warned, please include proof in your appeal and we will review it.

However, the final decision in any case will ultimately lie with the Staff Team.