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Part one wasn’t enough for you? Here’s a list of even more scary urban legends that can keep you up at night! Is there a better way to spend your Halloween than reading some spooky stories? If you didn’t know, this article is a continuation to the first one. Included in this article is the rest of the list of some of the most famous urban legends in Japan.

For a quick recap, urban legends are usually passed around online or through word of mouth. They consist of ghosts that can be found in urban settings, where people are likely to encounter lots of paranormal activity. Now that we know what to expect, let’s switch it up a bit! How about you grab your blanket and read in the dark? Of course the blanket can stay, but you’ll never know what happens in the dark. Maybe you should check your bathroom before you read, if you find a spirit in there, it might be Aka Manto telling you to choose between red or blue paper!



Are you scared of dogs? If you aren’t yet, you probably will be once you hear about jinmenken. Jinmenken, also known as the “Human-Faced Dog” are dogs with human faces that roam around urban areas at night. These dogs usually have dirty and matted hair with their tails tucked between their legs. These dogs aren’t really perceived as scary, they are even used sometimes in a comedic way, but the thought of a dog walking around with a human face can scare some people. These dogs can talk, but they usually don’t communicate with others, as they usually prefer to be alone.

These dogs were first spotted during 1603 to 1868, and were seen in many carnivals. In the 1980’s, they were usually seen rummaging through trash bins by the locals. Some people say that they were formed from a series of experiments, while others say that these dogs were formed by a man walking his dog who died in a car crash. Be careful in dark alleys, you might find them wandering around!

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When you think of summer, urban legends definitely don’t come to mind. Yet, you’ll have to be wary when walking around a field on a hot summer day, or else you’ll encounter the Kunekune. The name Kunekune comes from the verb “to wriggle”.

The Kunekune is a humanoid figure that wriggles around in open fields during the summer. It is usually seen around the afternoon. Reported appearances of the Kunekune were first published online around the 2003’s. Several websites started to cover the creature, though most stories were obviously just made up. You can only see the Kunekune from a distance, if you look at it from up close, you will go insane or be killed by the creature. If you ignore its eyes, then it will ignore you too.

One possible reason why people have thought of the deity is the abundance of scarecrows in the fields, or wick drains. Some people even hallucinate due to the heat from the summer day. But for now, it may be best if you stay away from fields entirely in the summer…or maybe not look at any strange wriggling creatures for some time.

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The Gozu, or Cow Head, is a story about one of the scariest stories ever to be told. Confused yet? So am I. According to rumors, when you hear the story, you end up dying from fright. This was made in the 17th century, but not much information is known about the story. The only thing known is the title and that it is a terrifying story. Copies of the story were burned years ago, and people believe that only fragments of the story are scattered all throughout Japan.

One story tells of a teacher who loved telling scary stories to his students to make them quiet during school bus trips. To top the trip off, he started to tell the Cow Head story. The students repeatedly told him to stop, but the teacher continued to tell the story like he was possessed. The teacher blacked out, and when he woke up, the bus had crashed and the bus driver and students died while frothing at the mouth.

As curious as you all may be regarding what kind of story it is to be able to kill people upon telling it, it’s probably best to leave it alone…dying of curiosity would be better than dying of fright.

Cursed Kleenex Commercial

This one is actually something you can experience for yourself! Airing in 1986, this commercial is said to be cursed. This commercial consists of a woman sitting on a pile of straw with an ogre baby. The woman takes a tissue from the box and it flies away, resembling a dove. Along with this, the song “It’s A Fine Day” played in the background. It unnerved people, making them complain about the nature of the commercial. The commercial was later taken off the air.

The video resurfaced on YouTube in 2006. It is said that if you watch this video, you will become cursed and driven into madness before dying. Some people also claim that if you watch the video at midnight, it shows its true colors. Gruesome for a video that was only supposed to serve as a commercial for a tissue company, huh? Rumors say that the actress gave birth to a demon baby, the cameraman of the ad died in a fire, and the child suffered from organ failure. Some people even speculate that the song is actually a German curse. Do you think this sounds creepy? You can be the judge! The video is on YouTube, and with a quick search, you’ll be able to find the video. Let’s hope you won’t mind a little curse being placed upon you.

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Aka Manto

The Aka Manto has many names: Red Cape, Red Vest, Aoi Manto, but no matter what name he takes on, he will always be terrifying! Aka Manto is a masked spirit in a red cloak that shows up in public and school bathrooms. This urban legend started off as a schoolyard rumor in the 1930’s. Some people say he only goes in female bathrooms, some people say he only haunts the last stall of each bathroom, the version of the story differs from person to person. The main premise of the story is Aka Manto asking you if you would like red or blue paper. The material can differ, ranging from cloaks or capes, though paper is the most common one. If you choose red, you will be killed and drenched in your own blood. If you choose blue, you are either strangled or all the blood in your body is taken away. Honestly, I wouldn’t want either.

According to some accounts, if you choose yellow, your head will be forced into the toilet. If you choose another color, you’re sent to the underworld. To escape him, you have to either run away from him or ignore his question. Though just to be sure, maybe it would be better to hold it in until you can get to the safety of your bathroom at home.

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Tales in the Dark

And this finishes the list of some of the scariest Japanese urban legends! To get into the Halloween spirit, it would be fun to tell these stories with your friends in the dark! Do you have any experiences of encounters with these spirits? Let us know!


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