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Guest Writer: amaru.exe#0546


You may recall that the last Aninspire I wrote was a beginner’s tutorial to crocheting. If you’re interested in using and developing those crocheting skills in a fun and easy way, then this pattern is a great start! It uses the same simple and easy stitches you’re already familiar with to create this super cute Kirby plush that will add a little more life to your room décor. His super large size (around that of a basketball) will also make a great cuddle buddy!

Important note: Terminology used in this article will be in US terms.

Materials needed:
1 skein light pink worsted weight yarn
1 skein dark pink worsted weight yarn
a small amount of black, white, and blue yarn (optional)
a size J crochet hook
a bag of polyester fluff
a sewing needle (optional)

Estimated time needed: 5-8 hours

Important abbreviations:
hdc = half-double crochet
sc = single crochet
sc2tg = single crochet two together
hdc2tg = half-double crochet two together

Techniques you need to finish this project:

  1. How to make a magic ring
  2. How to do a half double crochet
  3. How to increase
  4. How to decrease

All of these are explained in the following video!


Making the Body

The body will consist of the bulk of your plushie and happens to be the easiest part to make. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Create a magic ring and sc 7 times inside it.
  2. Start your increase rounds by increasing by 7 stitches each round. You’ll do this with a recurring pattern of two hdc in one stitch, and then one hdc in the next, until you hit the end of your round. One trick I use to keep track is by inserting a small piece of different colored yarn. this is also useful for counting your rounds.
  3. After that first increase round, have two normal stitches between each increase stitch. Do this so on and so forth, spacing out your increases equally with each new round.
  4. Do this until you hit 10 normal stitches in between increases. Finish up that row and you should have something like this with about 9 inches in diameter (ignore the doodled-on ruler).


After finishing this base, you’ll do 10 regular rounds of hdc.


Now you’ll start decreasing by 7 stitches each round. More or less, you’ll be doing the opposite of what you were doing when you were increasing. This means that for your first row, you’ll do hdc2tog, and then hdc once in each stitch 10 times, and repeat until you meet the end of the row. With each row after that, you’ll hdc2tog again one time and hdc 9 stitches, and repeat until the end of the row. Repeat this process until you join at the end. A few rows into decreasing is a good time to start stuffing. Make sure not to over or under stuff.

Fasten off when you finish the ball. I used this as a guideline for this tutorial.

Making the Feet

To start, you’re going to make another magic ring. Then, sc 8 before tightening the ring. Now you will start your increase rounds using sc. Then you’ll sc the next 4 stitches before doing another increase, and continue like this until the end of your row. You’re going to continue this pattern for 15 rows.

Now you’ll start decreasing:

  1. You’re going to sc2tg (refer to the video at the top for decreasing), then sc for 8 stitches.
  2. Sc2tg again, and then sc into each stitch for 7 stitches.
  3. Continue this process, starting with a sc2tog and then sc for the rest of the row until the end of your pattern.

This egg tutorial is what I used for a basic guideline. Make two of these to make up Kirby’s feet. You can sew the feet on with the pink yarn.

Making the Arms

Use the same pattern as you did for the feet, except that you’ll be using the light pink yarn and instead of following the pattern all the way, only increase for 12 rows. That would leave you with 32 stitches on the last round. Slip stitch or sew the empty shell onto the body in your desired position, slowly filling it up with fluff.

Making the Face

Now this part is super customizable. I decided to do a neutral smiley face for the sake of keeping this tutorial simple, but this part is ultimately up to you. You can also make a mouth wide open using a circle to show him doing what he does best–eating. For the eyes, you can crochet a chain and attach it in a way that makes him look like he’s winking. Do whatever you’re comfortable with! For the same face as I used, follow these instructions.

The Eyes

  1. Using the white yarn, chain 5, skip the first stitch, and single crochet 4 stitches to the end of the chain. Repeat two more rows for a total of three.
  2. Insert black yarn and complete two rows. Look at the video below if you are unfamiliar with using more than one color in the same piece.
  3. Finally, insert blue yarn and complete three more rows, fastening off the rectangle.
  4. Take your black yarn and slip stitch around the entire piece to create a slightly oval shape and a black outline. Sew the piece to the body using black yarn.

The Mouth

Chain 7 with black yarn and attach it in an arc shape on the body to create a small smile.

The Blush Marks

  1. Create a magic ring and sc 12 times.
  2. For the first row, do a sc in the first stitch, and make sc increases in the next 3 stitches each.
  3. Then, sc in the next three stitches. Repeat this until you meet the end of the row.

This will give you a small oval. Make another one for two identical ovals. I used this video as a guideline.


And now you have yourself a Kirby friend! Post your Kirby on Instagram with the hashtag #aninspire for a chance to be featured on our page! Don’t forget to continue to challenge and improve your skills, and look forward to more crochet articles in the future.

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